The Eye of India Heist
       By Lydiya Grinsteiner
       At 7:00 AM, just after I finished breakfast, the phone on my desk rang. I picked it up.
       "Is this Detective Anderson?'' a panicky voice asked.
       "Yes, this is Anderson, how may I help you?" I replied. A panicky voice on the other end of the line was reporting a robbery in the local museum. I told them to calm down and wait for me to arrive.
       The famous building was only a few minutes away from the police station, and I made it there in no time. I met the curator at the entrance and he showed me in. He looked nervous and his hands were trembling. "It's the Eye of India sir...its gone!"
       I told him to show me the exhibit. After passing through a few hallways, I saw the scene of the crime: a large open room with an empty display case in the middle. The morning sun shown down from a skylight directly above the display. In the shadows, two sleeping guards lounged on benches. I asked the curator what had happened.
       "As you can see, our most prized possession, the priceless ruby called the `Eye of India' has disappeared! I noticed this immediately when I came in; I always check."
       I poked one the guards until his eyes opened, and I asked him if he'd seen anything. In a groggy voice, he said that the gem had been there last night.
       "Then I felt vey drowsy around midnight. I must have fallen asleep." His partner on the other side of the room was still snoring.
       "Wake up!" I shouted. Do you boys always snooze on the job? Both guards shook their heads.
       I stepped closer to the display case. I saw scratch marks on the sides of the pedestal. The glass case which had held the Eye of India was out of place and tilted open. There were scratch marks next to it. I looked around and I saw paw prints on the ground. There were also some paw marks on the top of the pedestal. I looked up and I noticed that the skylight was half-open. I went up to the roof to check out the skylight. I also found paw prints on the roof top and some leopard fur, and piece of rope around the sky-light. It looked like the work of an animal.
       Another puzzle for me was a laser light which usually was supposed to turn on for the night as a security backup. How could a leopard do all this? I thought it must be somebody who had access to the laser light switches and knew how to get people to fall asleep on demand.
       There was only one person who could do all these thing: the curator of the museum. He could easily get guards to drink coffee spiced up with sleeping medicine, turn off the security laser, and use rope to get inside to steal the ruby.
       After putting all evidence in front of the curator he admitted that he stole the gem. I had the police go to his house and make a thorough search. They soon found the leopard costume, the gem and sleeping medicine hidden in the curator's closet.
       Did he really think that I'd be fooled that a leopard somehow stole the gem? Nice try!